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Some "specialties"


(but I am very keen of doing new things!)

MMRM, Time to event / survival analysis, multivariate regressions such as logistic regresion and Cox models

Model selection, confounding factors

Observational studies, propensity scores (IPTW, MSM)

Non parametric tests

Markov Models

Paired analyses

Phase III and IV clinical trials

Analysis of EMR databses

First author or co-author of 50  manuscripts

Recently, as an independent statistician:

Therapeutic Areas

I have already been involved in data from

- Liver transplant

- Intensive Care

- Biology (T-cells, tumor cells)

- Inflammatory pediatric diseases (Mediterranean Fever, Behçet Disease, maladie de Kawasaki Disease)

- Endocrinology

- Hematology (sickle cell anemia)

- Pharmacogenetics

- Psychiatry (depression)

- Hypercholesterolemia

- Sleeping Sickness 

- Tuberculosis

- Pneumology (Lung cancer and COPD)

- ...

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